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Our goal is provide you with the knowledge, skills, and techniques to make your professional dreams a reality. The Renaissance curriculum has been carefully designed to deliver real world expertise in the following four key areas of development: Color, Styling, Cutting, and Business.

Our multi-million dollar state of the art facility provides our students with an unparalleled opportunity to learn in an environment that utilizes the latest hardware, proprietary software, and technologically advanced learning techniques. From our high-end salon and full service spa, to our fully equipped classrooms, we offer everything you’ll need to succeed.

About Our Staff

  • "I love this school!!! It has been the best experience of my life and I'm so glad I chose to come here to pursue something that I have always wanted to learn."
    Aubrey Castleman (Renaissance Graduate)
  • "After 1 year and 2 months, I have graduated from Cosmetology school. I have had an amazing time and I will always remember those who experienced it with me. Thank you so much Renaissance Academy for everything you taught me and helped me through."
    Laura Johnston (Renaissance Graduate)
  • "Best thing in the world is cuddling my babies. I'm so grateful I can continue my education, doing hair and be with my babies at the same time! Renaissance Academy is Amazing and I'm so happy I found them!"
    Characa Waters (Current Student)
  • "I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to go to the most amazing school with the most incredible instructors"
    Jenna Glover (Renaissance Graduate)
  • "I love my school, and how hard working they are, it's been so fun to feel like I'm apart of a team!!!!"
    Kimmie Walker (Current Student)
  • "So proud of the amazing talent I have the pleasure to be around everyday!!"
    Kellyanne Malbica (Renaissance Educator)
  • "I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to go to school and continue my education I feel very privileged and thankful for all the help I get, from the school and everyone else who supports me in following one of my dreams! I am thankful to be in Renaissance Academy following my passion. I've never enjoyed school so much!"
    Launa Harward (Current Student)

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It’s about progression. Keeping the art of hairdressing fresh. Dynamic. Alive. Balancing expression and invention – with the skills and precise technical understanding that set creativity free. It’s about gaining recognition – for the craft, artistry, and dedication that we put into hairdressing. Celebrating the journey, not just the destination – whether you’re just starting out in hairdressing or you are a household name. Creative Intelligence has led us to develop specialist products – tools that encourage creativity. Brands that hairdressers and consumers love. Creative Intelligence has shown us that hairdressing is key to progressing the art and craft of hairdressing. Keeping it fresh. Alive. Creative Intelligence drives everything we do – and who we do it for. COLOR, CARE & STYLE.

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