David Dawson

David is such a dedicated and talented stylist.  He has worked diligently in order to hone his craft and become the amazing stylist he is today!!

“Before graduating Rennaissance in 2010 I had a spot ready for me at Shep Studio and began working there the day I graduated.
I began working for Shep as an assistant Washing hair, cleaning, sweeping, working a second job to bring in potential clients for me to cut on the days I wasn’t  assisting, almost being fired, etc.  It wasn’t easy but it was necessary if I wanted to “make it” as a stylist.
After a year and a half of cutting and coloring I made the decision that I would specialize and focus my attention and discipline on cutting, and it wasn’t until 2 years after graduating that I became a junior stylist at Shep Studio and stopped assisting.
From there I continue to build my clientele and it slowly morphed into a very steady stream of men wanting to get their hair cut by me.
I have established myself within the salon as a men’s specialist and have used that to help me become who I am today.  I am full time behind the chair during regular business hours and continue to work on the days that I don’t take clients. This is a lifestyle and career for me, not a job.
I have trained in California at Toni and Guy and In New York at V76. I have taken classes from our industries most talented individuals such as Gerard Scarpaci (Hairbrained Co-Founder and Arrojo educator) and DJ Muldoon (The Factory).  Monthly I take classes from mentors of mine or travel to take classes.  Education doesn’t stop after school or at least it shouldn’t.  I love learning and networking with other stylists and to me that is what is the driving factor for me. Having passion for this craft only gets you so far, but it’s desire that takes you places beyond the chair.”
Check out his skills!!
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