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Trends for 2015

Staff Contributor:  Talia Malbica

Warning: Trending 2015

A new year always brings about new excitement. There’s a sense of passion about what the upcoming year holds. So what can we expect to see in the upcoming 2015 year? With New York Fashion Week coming up next month, we are bound to see some of the biggest designers showcase the colors and styles of what will be trending.

You can expect to see a lot of black and white. A staple and classy route for clothing, black and white patterns or solids is an essential piece in your wardrobe. B&W never goes out of style and will always be trending. If you aren’t the biggest fan of black and white alone together, you can always try a statement piece that incorporates a pop of color.

I have also noticed that menswear has started to sneak in to womenswear. I have come across several popular stores that are currently selling menswear style loafers for women. Tuxedo style blazers are also trending. I’m not sure the loafers are a trend that I could personally jump on, but I’m sure that accessorized right, they would be on point! (Check out the link below to see a pair of men’s inspired loafers from Forever 21).

I love to wear booties. They can pull together any outfit. They can be worn super dressy or casual as well. My favorite way to wear booties is with a pair of skinny jeans with a basic tee and draped cardigan. I think it really dresses up the casualness of a basic tee and jeans combo. You can also take the booties/tee/skinnies and pair them with a big comfy coat, perfect for going out on the town in the dead of winter.




Cosmopolitan magazine came out with a list back in October 2014 of The 15 Biggest Trends of Spring 2015. Check out the link and see if you agree:

On the opposite end, Cosmopolitan also came out with a list of 21 Beauty Trends That Need To Die In 2015. Do you agree with any of these, or do you think we will still be seeing any of these in the near future?

I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us!






Renaissance Graduate Spotlight: David Dawson

David Dawson

David is such a dedicated and talented stylist.  He has worked diligently in order to hone his craft and become the amazing stylist he is today!!

“Before graduating Rennaissance in 2010 I had a spot ready for me at Shep Studio and began working there the day I graduated.
I began working for Shep as an assistant Washing hair, cleaning, sweeping, working a second job to bring in potential clients for me to cut on the days I wasn’t  assisting, almost being fired, etc.  It wasn’t easy but it was necessary if I wanted to “make it” as a stylist.
After a year and a half of cutting and coloring I made the decision that I would specialize and focus my attention and discipline on cutting, and it wasn’t until 2 years after graduating that I became a junior stylist at Shep Studio and stopped assisting.
From there I continue to build my clientele and it slowly morphed into a very steady stream of men wanting to get their hair cut by me.
I have established myself within the salon as a men’s specialist and have used that to help me become who I am today.  I am full time behind the chair during regular business hours and continue to work on the days that I don’t take clients. This is a lifestyle and career for me, not a job.
I have trained in California at Toni and Guy and In New York at V76. I have taken classes from our industries most talented individuals such as Gerard Scarpaci (Hairbrained Co-Founder and Arrojo educator) and DJ Muldoon (The Factory).  Monthly I take classes from mentors of mine or travel to take classes.  Education doesn’t stop after school or at least it shouldn’t.  I love learning and networking with other stylists and to me that is what is the driving factor for me. Having passion for this craft only gets you so far, but it’s desire that takes you places beyond the chair.”
Check out his skills!!
IMG_0049 IMG_0051 IMG_1345 IMG_2794 IMG_4187


Shimmer and Shine Holiday Makeup Blog Post


SKIN: Beginning with smooth canvas will improve the look of any makeup.  Cold winter weather can dull a bright complexion.  Prep skin with a granular scrub or enzyme mask to remove any dry, rough skin.  Use a tinted moisturizer or add a few drops of a hydrating serum or lotion to your liquid foundation.  Avoid  powder foundations to keep skin glowing and looking fresh.

SHIMMER: Add some shimmer to a “classic” look by using a silver eyeshadow with a bold cat eye liner.  Wash the shadow lightly over eye lid up to crease, blending in a “windshield wiper” technique from side to side.  Highlight under brow bone using a light, matte eyeshadow.  You want the silver shimmer to be the main attraction.  Use the same silver shadow and delicately add it as a highlight on the cheekbones.  Careful not to use too much or you’ll look like the Tin Man:)  Add drama to lips by using a vibrant red lipstick.

SHINE:  Using a gold eyeshadow for a smokey eye is a fun way to add drama without looking too heavy for winter.  Apply  a bronze eyeliner onto the top and bottom lash line.  Smudge gold shadow on top of liner and apply to eyelid up to crease.  Gently blend shadow up to the brow bone using what is left on the brush.  Do not add more shadow to brow bone.  You will want it to have a gradient look.  Add face bronzer to higher points of face (temples, cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupids bow and chin.)  For lips, use a nude liner or lipstick and add a high shine gloss with some glitter.

Using these simple tips to amp up your makeup will light up any holiday party.


BEAUTY GIFT GUIDE: Fill her purse with the essentials this holiday season

Guys, still looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for your gal this holiday season? Look no further. I have taken a few of my favorite things to help give you a few ideas.

In My Bag


Aquaphor Healing Ointment: is perfect for dry, cracked lips and skin. I have it on hand at all times during the cold weather. You can get it in a smaller size but I’m kind of obsessed with it.

Travel Sized SPF: I know this seems odd to have in your purse during the winter but wearing a sunscreen on a daily basis will help your skin stay protected from the harmful UVA rays that cause premature aging.

Hand Sanitizer: any kind will do but I’m a sucker for bath and body works brand because they smell so good. I keep one of these in my purse, my desk at work, my salon and my car.   Basically anywhere I may need to sanitize my hands. Sanitizers are perfect for stopping the spreading of germs so you can be healthy this winter.

Life Savers: some of you are gum people and I am too but life savers are a quick breath freshener. Perfect for any mistletoe encounters you might have 😉

Bed Head Sugar Shock Lipgloss: Every girl needs a good colored gloss in her bag of tricks. Sugar shock is the perfect red for the season and the gloss gives you those kissable lips that will wow at any holiday party.

Compact Mirror:   Essential for checking your teeth after meals and keeping lips picture perfect.

Bed Head Masterpiece Mini Hairspray: Ok, if there is one thing I know about women it’s that we love things that come in miniature size. This mini hairspray is no exception. It’s so adorable! I keep this in my purse and use it when I’m on the run or throughout my day to keep my style on point. Plus, an added bonus, it’s also a shine spray!

Nail File: another essential for any girls’ purse.  Keeping up with our nails is hard work. Nail files work for any type of nail from the most trimmed natural nail to the sharpest stilettos. These can be bought just about anywhere but of course if they are decorated it makes us love them even more.

E.O.S Lip Balm:  I know I already have a few other things listed for lips but I promise a girl can’t have too much lip stuff. This stuff is all the rage right now. You can basically find them in any store. Mine is coconut milk flavored and every time I use it my lips feel silky smooth and I am tempted to take a bite….

Kleenex: I have to, HAVE TO have a pack of Kleenex at all times. Helps with the sniffles from the cold weather!

I hope you find this helpful. These are a few of my favorite things!

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