Student Contributor:  Alexis Gillmore

Contouring has been made popular by celebrities who use contouring on a daily basis. Most of us have seen Kim Kardashian’s face being contoured and have seen the before and afters. Contouring can make someone that has a round face, seem to have a skinnier face. Someone who has a larger forehead, seem to have a smaller one. Contouring can add definition to cheekbones, jawline and nose. Contouring can be done in everyday makeup or more heavily for a fancy event. There are so many contouring options such as creams, sticks, or powders. There are contour palettes specifically with highlighters and shadowing shades. Countless pinterest pins, youtube videos and google images showing how to contour where and why to highlight and shadow.
 I will be doing a walk through on how to do a simple contour: The first step is to apply your primer, then your foundation and then concealer. be sure to apply the foundation onto your neck and blend it in so there is no line of demarcation. Next see what areas you would like to highlight and what areas you would like to diminish, or shadow. Areas that are highlighted will appear larger and more prominent. Areas that are shadowed will appear smaller and less prominent. The first layer of contouring can be done with powder or cream. If done with cream and then topped with powder then the contouring will last longer throughout the day. Generally highlighter can be placed on the bridge of the nose. along the apples of the cheeks, under the eyes and in the center of the forehead. this will enhance those areas on the face. you can also place highlighter along the upper lip right in the cupid’s bow. this will accentuate the lips and make them appear slightly larger.Shadowing can generally be placed on the outer edges of the forehead, along the sides of the nose, and in the hollows of the cheeks(to find the hollows you can make a fishy face and this will show you where your hollows are) or it can be placed underneath the bottom lip in the center to also enhance the lips and make them appear larger and fuller. Once you have applied the shadowing and highlighting then you can blend the lines out, so there are not lines of demarcation, using a clean brush or sponge. You want to blend the contouring without smudging it all together and ruining the contour. Once blended you can either go back over the shadowing and highlighting with the equivalent powders and then blend the powder out, or you can top it off with a translucent powder all over the face to ‘lock in’ the contour.
There are ways with contouring to help hide flaws in your face. For example if you have a larger forehead applying more shadowing on the outer edges of the forehead will make it appear smaller. Opposite of that if you have a smaller forehead you can apply more highlighter in the center of the forehead. To make the nose appear more narrow and straight apply shadow to the sides of the nose and highlighter down center.
Contouring is a great way to accentuate your best facial features and to complete a full face look for going out or just for everyday wear.
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Model:  Ashlee Haws