Student Contributor:  Characa Waters

Do you feel like your damaged hair is preventing you from having a good hair day? Have you ever wondered what could be done to help repair the damage?  On any given day your hair is recovering from the use of hot tools, chemicals from coloring, hair products and don’t forget sun exposure. Here is the secret to restoring beautiful luxurious hair.. DEEP CONDITIONING.  Deep conditioning helps to prevent further hair damage, fights current damage and strengthens the hair from the inside out. Having a deep condition service is a great way to protect your hair and to help it remain healthy.

Deep conditioners are designed to help hydrate and replace missing protein that may be missing from chemically processing your hair,  heat exposure and even medications. (Who would’ve thought that something that was supposed to help you could damage your hair.)  Deep conditioners also help repair the hairs internal elasticity by restoring moisture balance.

Have you ever wondered how you could prevent split ends or help repair them before you take drastic measures and  just shave your head? By using a Thermo-Marine bonding system you can actually bind broken hair fibers together essentially mending split ends.   In combination with a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex you can actually prevent future breakage by surrounding each strand with a protective coating!
When my client Valerie first came to me in February her hair was over processed and severely compromised. She came to me hoping to fix the brassy blonde and take out the Ariel red she currently had in her hair. I explained to her that before that was possible I wanted to help repair her hair  through deep conditioning treatments. I was so happy she agreed.  That very day we deep conditioned her hair and two days later we began the process of correcting her color.

This last week she came in for a follow up deep treatment and during our consultation she asked,  “What can be done help the hair that was still breaking off  besides having to cut it all off?”. I recommended adding a Split End Repair treatment to her service that day and if she did her deep condition would be free! (On Thursdays, at Renaissance,  for every $10 you spend, you can upgrade your services and get either a brow wax, scalp treatment deep condition or basic manicure for free!!)
We started her service using TIGI Resurrection Shampoo (Urban Antidote #3) Using this shampoo is admitting your hair needs some major help.  Our goal was to bring the weak and brittle hair back to life. After I rinsed her hair out we used CatWalk by TIGI and Fashionista Violet Mask deep conditioner. I selected the violet mask  because its’ purple base  helps eliminate any unwanted tones that were remaining  from her previous color services. The Fashionista Violet Mask helped to restore the beautiful blonde tones back into her hair.  I focused the mask application from the mid shaft to ends of her hair  as they were more processed and feeling extra brittle and dry. I secured her hair in a processing cap and placed her under a heated dryer for 15 minutes. We rinsed her out and then we began her split end repair treatment
For the split end treatment I used the Brazilian Split End Repairing Treatment.  I applied the treatment on 1″ sections of hair focusing application on the bottom 3 inches of hair. I combed the treatment in section by section  and repeated the process up the head until I  had completed  my application to her entire head.   I then thoroughly combed through all of the hair in order to  ensure each strand was coated with the treatment and to guarantee efficient results. Next, I dried her hair with a round boar brush to smooth and polish her hair.  Finally, for the last step,  I used a flat iron to help lock in  and seal the Split End Repair into the hair.

Her results were gorgeous!   Silky, shiny, beautiful hair!