Renaissance Academie is absolutely unique in that it was created around the student’s experience.

In 2004, Therese Taylor was in search of the best Cosmetology school for her daughter who would soon be pursuing her state license.  As a cosmetologist herself, with over 25 years of experience within the field, Therese’s standards for her daughter’s educational experience were exceptionally high.

Therese made it a priority to research each school in the area and learn the ins and outs of what each school offered and made them unique.  What she found was that schools were teaching the basics and that was basically it.  Therese wanted more for her daughter and to make certain her schooling would provide her with a solid foundation to enter the industry with confidence.

After much thought and consideration for each school, Therese ultimately decided there wasn’t a school that met her educational expectations and even more importantly would work to accommodate the individual needs of her daughter.

In 2005 Therese determined she would create a school that offered more than the basics and, more importantly, build systems into the program that would support the individual needs of her students.

Therese began by building a team of strong professionals to support her dream of a total educational experience.  Her team worked together to create a culture of education that would be vastly different from what had never been experienced before.    The secret to the program’s success was entirely based on exceeding the needs of the student.  Therese firmly believed:  if each and every system, process, course and class was created with the student in mind then it would lead to success for everyone.

Nine years and 632 students later the Renaissance team still has one priority:  Providing a superior educational experience on a personal level for each student.

Experience the Renaissance difference through our student’s perspective:

“I love this school!!! It has been the best experience of my life and I’m so glad I chose to come here to pursue something that I have always wanted to learn.”  Aubrey Castleman, Renaissance graduate

After 1 year and 2 months, I have graduated from Cosmetology school. I have had an amazing time and I will always remember those who experienced it with me. Thank you so much Renaissance Academie for everything you taught me and helped me through.”  Laura Johnston, Renaissance graduate

“Best thing in the world is cuddling my babies. I’m so grateful I can continue my education, doing hair and be with my babies at the same time! Renaissance Academie is Amazing and I’m so happy I found them!”  Characa Waters, currently enrolled

“I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to go to the most amazing school with the most incredible instructors”  Jenna Glover, Renaissance graduate

“I love my hair school and their amazing staff and teachers!” Kylee Olsen, currently enrolled