Staff Contributor:  Carley Dudoich  (Renaissance Academie Educator)

  1. Shampoo the Scalp- The purpose of shampoo is to clean the hair and scalp. Sometimes when people wash their hair, they are not scrubbing shampoo at the scalp.  After time, your hair may feel greasy at the root, or have a build-up of product.  When you shampoo, use the pads of your fingers and give your scalp a good massage for a few minutes.


Make sure you don’t miss the crown and back of your head.

shampoo crown

It is also a good idea not to wash your hair every day.  It may take a few weeks to get used to shampooing every other day or every three days, but if your hair gets greasy, try using a dry shampoo to absorb the excess oils at the root.  We recommend using Rockaholic Dry Shampoo or BedHead Oh Beehive!

dry shampoo

  1. Conditioner- While shampoo is for cleaning, conditioner is for hydration and detangling. If your scalp tends to get oily, only use conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair.  The ends are usually the driest and brittle part of your hair, so they need the extra moisture that conditioner will provide.


  1. Switching Shampoo- It is a good idea to have two different brands of shampoo in your shower. Your hair tends to develop a tolerance to one shampoo, so it is important to alternate between shampoos from time to time.
  2. Find the Right Shampoo for You- There are so many amazing shampoos out there that provide what YOU need. At Renaissance, we have a variety of shampoos to meet your needs.

Color Safe- If you color your hair and want your color to last, it is necessary to use a shampoo that is color-safe.  We recommend Bed Head Dumb Blonde and Colour Goddess.

color safe shampoo

Toning- For Blondes who’s color gets brassy over time, Tigi’s Fashionista Violet Shampoo will help counteract the yellow tones in your hair, leaving you with your perfect blonde.  For brunettes, they have a brown toning shampoo that will keep your color looking fresh.

toning shampoo

Repairing- If your hair is damaged and brittle, BedHead Resurrection shampoo helps strengthen your hair and provide intense hydration.

repairing shampoo

Volume- If you love volume, but need a little extra boost to get that height and fullness, try using a volumizing shampoo. We recommend Bed Head Epic Volume.


We carry all the products listed at Renaissance Academie.  Hope these tips are helpful! Happy Washing!