Staff Contributor:  Mandy Humphrey

Yes doing hair is FUN!!  It’s a great way to make a living, have your own schedule and mother’s you can even work from home.

The beauty industry is ever evolving and becoming burned out of doing the same thing day after day isn’t really a factor.  The possibilities are really endless when it comes to beauty.

However, “doing hair” is so much more than simply doing hair.  The beauty of creating beauty is that just that beautiful.

It’s making connections with new people you may have never met elsewhere.  It’s spending quality time one on one with another person learning more about them and using your skills to help them to feel their best.  It’s learning that you have a lot in common with a wide variety of people with all sorts of life experiences.

Soon these people become friends that you look forward to seeing every 4-6 weeks.  Friends that you know and care not only about them but their family, friends and pets.  Friends that you share important moments with.  Friends that you celebrate life’s highs and lows.  Friends that you help “do their hair” before an important event.  Friends that you cover their gray and let everyone else know that their beautiful color is “all natural”.  Friends, that when they are in the sun set of their lives, ask you to do their hair one last time and it’s the world’s biggest privilege to make them beautiful.

“Doing hair” is more than just that, it is an opportunity to love those you serve.